The Office of Student and Family Support and Engagement (OSFSE) is committed to providing the services and programs needed to promote positive school cultures and advance the academic, social, physical and emotional well-being of each and every student.

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Want to make a difference in the life of an MCPS student? For as little as $10, you can provide a student with a backpack filled with school supplies.  Learn how!

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We are looking for 20 volunteers who can commit to 5 hours per day for the Junior Achievement Finance Park program at Thomas Edison Technology High School. If you are interested in empowering our future leaders, complete the MCPS online volunteer training. No finance experience necessary!

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Watch to learn about BTheOne, a public education campaign and website on suicide and substance abuse prevention for teens and parents.

Visit for more information about teen suicide and substance abuse and how to help.


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How We Help

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We promote student achievement and well-being through school-based and community supports that not only help students overcome challenges to learning, but assist in the creation of safe and nurturing school environments. By advocating for students, we help to maximize successful school experiences. Learn more about how we help promote student success:

Students' Mental Health and Well-Being

Student and Behavioral Concerns

Student Enrollment and Admissions

For Military Families:

Family and Community Engagement

Student Leadership & Student Service Learning


Who We Are

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We are specialized professionals committed to the educational and emotional development of each and every student and work collaboratively with students, parents, schools and community partners to facilitate supports and services that reduce barriers to student learning. Our coordinated services help students achieve success in our schools and community.

International Admissions and Enrollment

International Admissions and Enrollment facilitates the enrollment and placement of international students, foreign students, exchange students and students in other residency situations. The multilingual staff helps new students and their families access school information and resources that empower them to meet academic, social and career goals in their schools and community.

For more information, contact Ms. Margarita Bohorquez, Supervisor at 240-740-4500.

Psychological Services

School Psychologists are school-based mental health professionals trained in both psychology and education who support collaborative approaches to analyzing and resolving barriers that impact academic success. Psychological Services also includes the Bilingual Assessment Team who work with school teams in the assessment of English Language Learners who may require special education instruction and /or related services.

For more information, contact Dr. Christina Conolly, Director at 240-314-4828.

Pupil Personnel and Attendance Services

Pupil personnel workers are certified school-based professional who serve as advocates, consultants, and liaisons to students and families by providing direct intervention and case management services to identify, assess, and resolve various student concerns that impact academic success.

For more information, contact Mr. Steve Neff, Director at 301-315-7335.

School Counseling Services

School-based certified school counselors support the academic, personal, and social development of all students through a comprehensive school counseling program designed to foster and monitor progress toward high school graduation and college and career readiness.

For more information, contact Dr. Karen Crews, Supervisor at 240-314-4824.

Student, Family, and School Services

Student, Family, and School Services fosters connections between schools, families, and community partners to improve the academic and social-emotional outcomes for students, as well as provide trainings and support for parents and school staff members. The Parent community coordinators work in assigned schools to help families navigate the school system and access learning opportunities for their children, and support schools with family and community partnerships.

For more information, contact Ms. Denise Bracalilly Stultz, Director at 240-314-4860.