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News and Announcements

2017-2018 Blair G. Ewing Award Winner

CONGRATULATION for Blair G Ewing Center for receiving the MCEA RA Award

2017 Individual School Progress Report

The Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) has posted the results of the 2017 Partnership for 

Good Samaritan Law

The Maryland Good Samaritan Law​ effective October 1, 2015, provides protection from arrest as well as prosecution for certain specific crimes and expands the charges from which people assisting in an emergency overdose situation are immune. 

Mental Health Awareness Week

Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week is May 6-12, 2018 in Maryland.   Visit for more information. 

Remaining Regional Intervention Program dates

These are the remaining Regional Intervention Program dates

The Regional Intervention Weekend Program is Closed today

The Regional Intervention Weekend Program is Closed today, March 3, 2018. No power in the building

Announcement-The Regional Intervention Weekend Program

The Regional Intervention Weekend Program will be closed this Saturday 2/17/2018. Classes will resume on Saturday 2/24/2018.

Intervention Program

  The Regional Weekend Intervention Program will announce all closures  due to inclement weather on the Blair G. Ewing Website.   

The Regional Intervention Weekend Program @ Blair G. Ewing Center

The​​weekend​​intervention​​program​​is​​designed ​ as​​ an​​ ​alternative ​ ​model ​ for​​ students​​to​​​earn​initial credit ​ and/or​​ to​​ recover​​ high​​ ​school ​ credit​​  up​​​to ​​1.0​​credits ​​beyond​​the​​traditional​​school​​day. 

Black History Month

Black History Month provides meaningful opportunities for all students to celebrate the rich traditions of African Americans and recognize their contributions and achievements throughout our nation's history. Click here to read more